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    Rare and Unusual Cat Breeds

    Devon Rex Anyone who has even known a Devon Rex has no doubt fallen under the spell of this endearing breed. With their soft, curly coat, large ears and sometimes slightly frazzled whiskers, they are cute and snuggly and also highly intelligent. The Devon Rex is a very people-oriented cat not suited to long periods […] More

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    Kidney Disease in Cats

    Think of kidney disease as a: Good news, bad news diagnosis. The good news is in the early stages treatment slows its progression, whilst the bad news is it can’t be cured. Far from being all doom and gloom, there are ways of supporting ailing kidneys, especially with an early diagnosis. If treatment starts when the problem […] More

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    FLUTD – Why My Cat Can’t Pee

    They are all umbrella terms that describe a set of symptoms, rather than nailing down a diagnosis. For example, ‘eczema’ describes inflamed, scaley skin, but it doesn’t tell you the cause; which could be an allergy, infection, stress, hormones, immune-mediated…you get the picture. Likewise FLUTD (feline urinary tract disease) is an umbrella term. Its shorthand, […] More

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    Why is My Cat Vomiting?

    This depends on whether the cat is otherwise well or has health problem causing her to vomit. Clear as mud? Look at it this way. Occasional vomiting can be normal. For example, when a feral cat goes hunting, she gobbles down the kill extra quick before another cat steals it. She digests what she can, […] More

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    No Free Lunches – Simple Tips for Good Behavior

    There are many things that can make our dogs difficult to live with and problem behaviors can easily snowball. Issues such as aggression towards other dogs, anxiety, and unruly behavior can often be assisted by structured and consistent training. There are various programs out there, including Nothing in Life is Free, Learn to Earn and No Free Lunch. […] More

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